Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The First Blog!

Well here it is.  The first blog.  While I've always considered myself pretty tech savvy, blogging or face-cracking (what I call peeps who live on Facebook) has never been on my bucket list.  However this adventure we are on seems to cry out. Blog, blog, blog.  Some-days I'm sure it will give me laughs, others frustration and lastly some days a sense of accomplishment.

I'm sitting here, in a hotel room with every muscle I own and some I didn't know I even had writhing in exhaustion, pounding away on a keyboard on a tiny table by a tiny light.  Mustering up the energy to type this took a lot of convincing and bribery to my sub-conscience mind that it would only take a few minutes and maybe......just maybe someday someone may even read it.

Just to get up to speed quickly we have been in Annapolis now for approximately 4 weeks preparing our sailboat Sparta ready for her first major undertaking.  What an adventure it has proved to be.

Ok that's enough for my first blog.  My sub-conscience is whispering "this will take a lot longer than a few minutes, so catch it up to speed another night".  So for now, it looks like that's what will have to happen.  Maybe a paragraph each blog to slowly explain the whole story would be a much better idea.

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